Monday, September 6, 2010

Life changing.

One year ago, our family lived in the wonderful town of Powell, OH and were just a mere seven minute drive from the always entertaining Columbus Zoo of which we had family passes to along with the attached water park. Labor day weekend was the last weekend for the water park to be open. So to max out our fun, we had Emma's birthday celebration a couple weeks early and invited family to come play.

Prior to this weekend, I had just begun a journey that turned my life around. After battling several years of health issues resulting in 5 surgeries and two fertility treatments, I was quite the mess...physically and mentally. The two months before Labor day weekend, Adam and I had meet with my doctor and was told our 1.7% chance of having anymore biological children was now crumbled since I tested positive for menopause. (And there is testimony I had every symptom to prove it!)
Grasping what was left, I embarked on a journey to accept what I was "dealt in life". So I committed myself to begin training for a 5K race. Run. I have never run. Never-ever. What was I thinking?

To help myself in this process, I was encouraged by an outstanding chiropractor to do a 21 day detox. Labor day weekend, which was combined with Emma's birthday/water park party, fell exactly in the middle of this 3 week program...and I will never forget that Saturday morning.

After 95 days of total 100% menopausal symptoms, my body did a 180. Complete 180.
Absolutely jaw dropping. Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

As family arrived for the party, I will never forget standing at the kitchen sink with my mother-in-law. She was asking me how I was feeling. Sharing with her my new news and holding back tears, I remember distinctly saying:
"I just feel like we now have a little bit of hope."

Little did I know, God had our Hope in mind the whole time.

Life changing. The journey was life changing.

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  1. God is GREAT! Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony. I love you, friend.