Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The first day of school.

Well, we did it...Ok, Emma did it...the first day of school. Wow. It was harder than I thought. Seeing her with her backpack and lunchbox was killer. Where has time gone - is she really old enough? She was SO excited. Must admit though, I wasn't as much. ;)

When I picked her up from school, the first thing she said was "I REALLY like it, can I come back and do this again?" You betcha, kiddo....for the next 12 years! The second thing she said was, "Did Hope miss me?" She's a big sister with a big heart, I tell ya.

After that it was nonstop talking about all the things they did at school. Emma was going a mile a minute! A couple classic moments were:
  • "Mom, we got to draw in our journals what we did this summer. I drew going to the zoo, planting flowers with Mommy, and me getting a tattoo." (Wonderful Emma. The teacher now thinks we let our four year old get tattooed. And all that ranks above getting a new sister?!)
  • "Mom, I learned today was Wednesday and that starts with 'W'...I'm smarter than Dad now!"
  • "Mom, I also learned that if you get sad at school you just close your mouth and count to 5 while breathing. And mom the breathing has to come in and out your nose."
  • "I'm Emma P and Emma H sat beside at lunch. She had grapes too! Might be because I did and that's what Emma's have."

My favorite was as we were just about two minutes from home. There was silence for a few seconds which means one of two things: either she is asleep or thinking. This time it was thinking. She suddenly announces from the back seat, "Mom, I really really liked school and it was a lot of fun, but I really like you too and spending the day with you because I love you so much. I just like to to both, I just don't know what is the more funnest."

THAT. MADE. MY. DAY. Thanks Emma - you're a gem and a half. XO

...and thanks for still holding my hand...not just in the parking lot, but all the way into the building too.

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