Friday, September 3, 2010


A whirlwind of a past couple days. Our little Miss Hope has decided she needs to nurse every two hours or else piercing "angelic" screams fill the air - you know the kind when a baby's bottom lip quivers. Then our Miss Emma has "burning potty" -sigh- and we all know what that means. In attempt to get into the docotr's office before a long weekend, I soon found out that every other mother was thinking the same thing. So this led us too the Urgent Care just down the road...which is now renamed Convient Care, and after all the paper work I had to fill out I now see why urgent is no longer in the name...not sure about the convinent part.

In prep, I had given Emma gallons of water to drink before hand knowing the doctor would need a culture. And of course just as a watched pot won't boil, neither did my daughter pee. Keep in mind this was after I was letting her drink water while in the bathroom, faucet running, and much talk of swim lesson and the cold pool water.
But count on our Hope! She preformed well, filling up a diaper to the max, number 2 style.

Long story short, Emma is doing much better. In CVS, waiting on her prescription, she had to go potty (of course) and exclaimed there was no burning anymore and that the water at the doctor's office must have made her better.
Hope, still crying like a mad lady if she doesn't get her food every two hours. Laundry still piled and not done, floor not swept, bathrooms still scary, and a mom that is completly exhusted.

Thank you God. Thank you God that I have reason to be tired. Thank you for the hungry baby crys that fill our house. Thank you that I have a daughter that loves her water. Thank for loads of laundry and the unclean house. For all these things remind of the blessings around me. I am truly blessed.

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