Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big Day.

Saturday was Emma's party celebrating her 5th birthday. With a newborn and all the hustle and bustle of life and the house, I decided to "play it simple" this year. hmmmmm....simple. Exactly what is that like?

The menu was totally up to Emma. She decided to have watermelon, muss melon, apples, bananas, lemon aide, grapes, carrots, oranges, chicken and cake. She wanted the healthiest birthday ever - that's my girl! ;) So Friday, she and I cut up all the goodies and had everything ready except just grilling chicken, which would be Dad's job Saturday morning.

So after getting Emma in bed Friday night, all this momma had left to do was cake. A request for a princess Barbie was in line. Easy right? Just turn an angle food cake upside down and stick a barbie in it. Well, perhaps it would help if one measure how tall the barbie was!! So off went Adam to Target at 9:30pm to purchase another cake mix -this job was going to take two.

While at Target I decided to relax a bit since everything else was done. I opened the fridge to get a drink and noticed "juice" running across the top shelf - ewwwwwww - raw chicken juice!!! Apparently a package was leaking. So out comes everything and my super sonic grossed out by raw meat juice germs clean-up mode kicked in. I put the shelf in the sink ready to scour it in scolding hot water. Water. Water. Where is our water? Nothing is coming out of the faucet. OK, no worries, probably just out nasty sink breaking, right? Wrong. No water anywhere in house. Crap. Call Adam. "Honey, can you buy several gallons of water while at the store????"

So yeah, 20 guest due to arrive for a very excited 5 year old's birthday party and we have zero water! Well, to make a long story short, by noon on Saturday, we had got out enough hoses and were able to score some water for the neighbor's well to get us through the day. But a very stressful evening prior and morning of. Ohhhhh how I am now dearly thankful for the wonderful gift of indoor plumbing!!!

All in all, it was a fabulous time. Emma had a blast, it was great to spend the afternoon with family, and of course the cake made Emma's big blue eyes even bigger. Score.

What a hoot that girl and all her cousins. Can't wait till next year. (Now that we have running water!) :)

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