Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What did we do before computers?

Our computer in the kitchen (a.k.a. "MY" computer) has decided that it just doesn't want to come on anymore. -hmph- So here I am, finally found my way into Adam's hole upstairs and pecking on his laptop....with no pictures to access. :(

But anyhow, today is RED DAY! That's right...21 kids dressed in red went marching into Mrs. Benidict's room this morning. But more importantly, it was their first show and tell day, too. Hooooowwwww exciting for a five year old! My darling blond bombshell took a Barbie dressed in red. But this just wasn't any red outfit. This was a red crocheted dress my Grandma (Lillie) Grover had so lovingly made for me almost 30 years ago. Ohhh to see grandma's face today...I am positive she was tickled pink over her Emma Lillie.
I can. not. wait. for the day they meet. Love you Grandma. xo

Now moving onto the color purple. For anyone that followed my running last fall on the you will remember my purple shoes. Well those shoes have served their time. After many miles, a 5K and a 4 mile Thanksgiving run, there is absolutely no tread left on the bottoms and the insides are broken down to smithereens. I love those shoes. Not just because they were great running shoes, but those shoes changed my life. Those shoes allowed me to spend a lot of time praying and soaking in the fresh air God gave us. Love those shoes. But they have run their course...and now I have new shoes. I hope these shoes will be just as powerful...they are hot pink ya know. That's right friends, its the year to be hot. Watch out mini-marathon, we're comin' your way.

Red, purple, or hot pink, giving God all the glory for such a colorful world!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Can't help but fall in love.

Even though a couple rough days of sleeping, nursing, and a fussy baby, I still can't help but smile at this beautiful gem we have. Love you the moon and back.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Five years old and two months old...

...I'll let you guess which is which. (and, my, what big eyes they have....)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tough questions, simple answers.

The ride to school today was a bit quiet. After a good three minutes of silence (that seems like a decade to moms!), Emma pipes up from the back seat, "Mom, why do we have to pray a lot, like every night when we go to bed?"

Wow. What a loaded question. How was I going to answer this one? I only had two minutes until we got to school so a full sermon wouldn't work, yet such a bold question of this importance could not be brushed off with the typical answer...'because mom said so.'

So I proceeded to share with Emma that praying is how we talk to Jesus and God. They really like to hear our voice and we should never be afraid to talk to them or ask them for help. Jesus and God want us to talk them as much as we can. And as I was rambling on thinking of every impressionable thing to tell my daughter that would help mold her life forever, SHE states;

"OHHHhhhhh, because God's loves us so much from the Earth and back and back and back and back again?!"

Yep, you got it, Emma. Why didn't I think of that? So simple. So true.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big Day.

Saturday was Emma's party celebrating her 5th birthday. With a newborn and all the hustle and bustle of life and the house, I decided to "play it simple" this year. hmmmmm....simple. Exactly what is that like?

The menu was totally up to Emma. She decided to have watermelon, muss melon, apples, bananas, lemon aide, grapes, carrots, oranges, chicken and cake. She wanted the healthiest birthday ever - that's my girl! ;) So Friday, she and I cut up all the goodies and had everything ready except just grilling chicken, which would be Dad's job Saturday morning.

So after getting Emma in bed Friday night, all this momma had left to do was cake. A request for a princess Barbie was in line. Easy right? Just turn an angle food cake upside down and stick a barbie in it. Well, perhaps it would help if one measure how tall the barbie was!! So off went Adam to Target at 9:30pm to purchase another cake mix -this job was going to take two.

While at Target I decided to relax a bit since everything else was done. I opened the fridge to get a drink and noticed "juice" running across the top shelf - ewwwwwww - raw chicken juice!!! Apparently a package was leaking. So out comes everything and my super sonic grossed out by raw meat juice germs clean-up mode kicked in. I put the shelf in the sink ready to scour it in scolding hot water. Water. Water. Where is our water? Nothing is coming out of the faucet. OK, no worries, probably just out nasty sink breaking, right? Wrong. No water anywhere in house. Crap. Call Adam. "Honey, can you buy several gallons of water while at the store????"

So yeah, 20 guest due to arrive for a very excited 5 year old's birthday party and we have zero water! Well, to make a long story short, by noon on Saturday, we had got out enough hoses and were able to score some water for the neighbor's well to get us through the day. But a very stressful evening prior and morning of. Ohhhhh how I am now dearly thankful for the wonderful gift of indoor plumbing!!!

All in all, it was a fabulous time. Emma had a blast, it was great to spend the afternoon with family, and of course the cake made Emma's big blue eyes even bigger. Score.

What a hoot that girl and all her cousins. Can't wait till next year. (Now that we have running water!) :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Line Leader

Just as any other day from picking Emma up at school, we get in the car and I begin asking away the questions, "What did you do in your Journal? Did you sing the Good Morning song? Was there Music, Art, Math? Who did you sit by at lunch today?" But today Emma was a bit a quiet and couldn't remember a whole lot. Apparently there was only one thing that was of importance today at school and she could not stop thinking about it....

"MOM, TODAY I WAS THE LINE LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She about busted the the buckles off of her car seat telling me.

How fun. I love hearing about her day at school. And just a side note: Emma's frog is always in the happy pond and according to Emma all the girls have been there, but not the some of the boys. "They have been to the "Uh-Oh" pond...boys are a little wild you know."
...and don't you forget Emma. ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's official - I'm a mom.

So what makes a mom really a mom? Is it caring that dear child for nine months, giving birth, changing diapers, singing Jesus Loves Me 20 times in the middle of the night, reading When You Give a Mouse a Cookie every-other day, potty training, counting 100 pushes on a playground swing, or brushing and making millions of adorable pigtails hung with bows over time? Well, to tell you the truth all those may make me a mom, but today I officially FELT like mom.

Emma took her first birthday treats to school today. That's right, making birthday treats for all her school buddies truly stamped MOM on my forehead! Just tell me where to sign up for the PTA now, I'm ready. ;)

Emma on the way to school today, "Mom, I just can't believe I'm going to be 5 tomorrow!"
Me neither, neither.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Milestones are awesome.

Especially when they look like this! Miss Hope is smiling at the sound of familiar voices love love that smile and set of big blue eyes!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The first day of school.

Well, we did it...Ok, Emma did it...the first day of school. Wow. It was harder than I thought. Seeing her with her backpack and lunchbox was killer. Where has time gone - is she really old enough? She was SO excited. Must admit though, I wasn't as much. ;)

When I picked her up from school, the first thing she said was "I REALLY like it, can I come back and do this again?" You betcha, kiddo....for the next 12 years! The second thing she said was, "Did Hope miss me?" She's a big sister with a big heart, I tell ya.

After that it was nonstop talking about all the things they did at school. Emma was going a mile a minute! A couple classic moments were:
  • "Mom, we got to draw in our journals what we did this summer. I drew going to the zoo, planting flowers with Mommy, and me getting a tattoo." (Wonderful Emma. The teacher now thinks we let our four year old get tattooed. And all that ranks above getting a new sister?!)
  • "Mom, I learned today was Wednesday and that starts with 'W'...I'm smarter than Dad now!"
  • "Mom, I also learned that if you get sad at school you just close your mouth and count to 5 while breathing. And mom the breathing has to come in and out your nose."
  • "I'm Emma P and Emma H sat beside at lunch. She had grapes too! Might be because I did and that's what Emma's have."

My favorite was as we were just about two minutes from home. There was silence for a few seconds which means one of two things: either she is asleep or thinking. This time it was thinking. She suddenly announces from the back seat, "Mom, I really really liked school and it was a lot of fun, but I really like you too and spending the day with you because I love you so much. I just like to to both, I just don't know what is the more funnest."

THAT. MADE. MY. DAY. Thanks Emma - you're a gem and a half. XO

...and thanks for still holding my hand...not just in the parking lot, but all the way into the building too.

The new chapter.

...and there she baby.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just me 'n her.

For five years, it has just been me 'n her, creating moments in everyday. Tomorrow will start a new chapter for for today, I stroll down memory lane....from baking cookies, our "Fancy Day at the Pink Moon", the trips to the zoo and all the parks, playing with leaves and planting flowers, bike rides and stroller walks....and of course just hanging out together.

Thank you Emma for the absolute best five years of my life... far.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Life changing.

One year ago, our family lived in the wonderful town of Powell, OH and were just a mere seven minute drive from the always entertaining Columbus Zoo of which we had family passes to along with the attached water park. Labor day weekend was the last weekend for the water park to be open. So to max out our fun, we had Emma's birthday celebration a couple weeks early and invited family to come play.

Prior to this weekend, I had just begun a journey that turned my life around. After battling several years of health issues resulting in 5 surgeries and two fertility treatments, I was quite the mess...physically and mentally. The two months before Labor day weekend, Adam and I had meet with my doctor and was told our 1.7% chance of having anymore biological children was now crumbled since I tested positive for menopause. (And there is testimony I had every symptom to prove it!)
Grasping what was left, I embarked on a journey to accept what I was "dealt in life". So I committed myself to begin training for a 5K race. Run. I have never run. Never-ever. What was I thinking?

To help myself in this process, I was encouraged by an outstanding chiropractor to do a 21 day detox. Labor day weekend, which was combined with Emma's birthday/water park party, fell exactly in the middle of this 3 week program...and I will never forget that Saturday morning.

After 95 days of total 100% menopausal symptoms, my body did a 180. Complete 180.
Absolutely jaw dropping. Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

As family arrived for the party, I will never forget standing at the kitchen sink with my mother-in-law. She was asking me how I was feeling. Sharing with her my new news and holding back tears, I remember distinctly saying:
"I just feel like we now have a little bit of hope."

Little did I know, God had our Hope in mind the whole time.

Life changing. The journey was life changing.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I love these the moon and back.


A whirlwind of a past couple days. Our little Miss Hope has decided she needs to nurse every two hours or else piercing "angelic" screams fill the air - you know the kind when a baby's bottom lip quivers. Then our Miss Emma has "burning potty" -sigh- and we all know what that means. In attempt to get into the docotr's office before a long weekend, I soon found out that every other mother was thinking the same thing. So this led us too the Urgent Care just down the road...which is now renamed Convient Care, and after all the paper work I had to fill out I now see why urgent is no longer in the name...not sure about the convinent part.

In prep, I had given Emma gallons of water to drink before hand knowing the doctor would need a culture. And of course just as a watched pot won't boil, neither did my daughter pee. Keep in mind this was after I was letting her drink water while in the bathroom, faucet running, and much talk of swim lesson and the cold pool water.
But count on our Hope! She preformed well, filling up a diaper to the max, number 2 style.

Long story short, Emma is doing much better. In CVS, waiting on her prescription, she had to go potty (of course) and exclaimed there was no burning anymore and that the water at the doctor's office must have made her better.
Hope, still crying like a mad lady if she doesn't get her food every two hours. Laundry still piled and not done, floor not swept, bathrooms still scary, and a mom that is completly exhusted.

Thank you God. Thank you God that I have reason to be tired. Thank you for the hungry baby crys that fill our house. Thank you that I have a daughter that loves her water. Thank for loads of laundry and the unclean house. For all these things remind of the blessings around me. I am truly blessed.