Friday, August 27, 2010


How exciting, my first day out since Hope has been born...without kids. That's right, no kids and lots of freedom. So off to the town of Rossville I went.
Rossville is the small, country town that my sister-in-law, Jen lives next to. This weekend is their annual small town festival which means Thursday kicked off rummage sales. And I'm not talking a house here and a house there - the WHOLE town was having them! I have never seen so many sales in my life! And for anyone that knows Jen and I, we love to hang out together, shop together, and find bargins together!

We simply had the best time ever digging through other people things. We get such a high over a kids outfit for 50 cents! (Even more, a pair of green pants for Bryant, my nephew who is obsessed with the color green.) By mid afternoon, we had no concept of how much we really bought...the back seat of the car was stuffed with bags up to the back window. And not just all kids clothes, I am super pumped over my new chalkboard for the kitchen, a swing for Hope, some books, and a brand new board game for Emma.

Not sure which was most enjoyable...the deals, the great weather, a day out with no kids, or just the company of a great sister-in-law...on her birthday.

Happy birthday really know how to throw a party, I had a blast. Can't wait till next year! :)

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