Monday, August 23, 2010

Girls must be born with shoe shopping in their blood.

If you haven't heard, Emma does not own a single pair of plain white socks or a "normal" pair of tennis shoes (aka, something not with polka dots or sparkles on them.) When heading to the driving range with her dad wearing blue Cinderella socks with her brown and pink tennis, I got the look from Adam saying "get the girl something normal." And in a congenial move for Emma's preschool teacher the flip-flops were going to have to go before school starts. So with all that, normal shoe shopping we went last Saturday.

A local store in our town was having the blowout sale and as everyone knows how fast kids feet grow, sale prices are a must! There were Nike, New Balance, Sketchers, Adidas and so know normal tennis shoes. You would have thought Emma just saw Santa. She loves shopping but even more she loves loves loves the fact that she is going to school and growing up. So this was definitely a big deal for her...the first pair of school shoes.

She looked them all over as Adam laid four choices down for her to pick from. Oh to see her face and hear her.... "I just can't decide, they are all so pretty!" We heard that about fifty times and finally Adam told her to pick two. So a pair of Nike's with a hot pink strip and a pair of New Balance with light pink stripes it was. Now to get measured.....

When I get shoes for Emma, it usually consist of standing on the mat at Target or Kohl's that has the feet silhouettes on them. But not at this store. This was the real deal. And of course, would we have anything other than the real deal for our Emma?! So the kind lady pulls out the silver and black metal measuring guide. Emma stood up so straight I think she looked two inches taller. Size 12. -gulp- 12??? When did she grow so fast?

So out from the back comes the two boxes and of course Emma was treated like a queen as the saleslady fitted them on her. First the Nike's. Emma stood up and took two steps before announcing, "Ohhhhh these are so soft. So comfortable. I love them." And for those of you who know my daughter, nothing - absolutely nothing, is said without very dramatic eyes and voice tone. Next to try on was the NB pair. Exact same reaction. In fact now she is not just walking around the store, but jumping too...because you know, new school shoes make you jump higher.

She couldn't decide. Nike or NB. She just loved both so much. So in efforts to speed the trip along Adam put one of each shoe on her. Now she is standing in front of the mirror, looking back and forth at each shoe, "I just can't decide, I love them both, they are so comfy."
The Nike shoes had laces and the NB were Velcro. She really wanted the Nike's but was worried about not knowing how to tie yet. So after much deliberation, she proudly says, "How about we get the Velcro shoes and I can wear them until I learn to tie laces. Then we can bring these back and return them and then get the tie up ones." Oh Emma, love your thinking.

After a 20 minute shoe fashion shoe, Emma finally decides on the NB pair. She proceeded to inform us that she was growing up even more because now she has her hair cut, is taller, going to school, and now has a pair of real tennis shoes. Thanks for reminding me Emma. Thanks. ;)

Of course she wanted to wear them out of the store for the coolest trip home she has ever had. And of course her Dad (and Mom) let her. Keep in mind we didn't purchase any plain white socks at this stop. So in her shorts on this hot summer day, walks out of the store our daughter....our daughter with her new school shoes and blue Colts socks on!

What a fun day. Colts socks and all, she's my diva. All the way to the car she was flipping her hair, proud as could be as if she had diamonds on the soles of her shoes.

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