Saturday, August 14, 2010

And who said he couldn't handle another girl...

If anyone knows my husband, they will tell you he is an avid sports nut having played, coached and lived sports. He is a die hard IU fan (which means a die hard non-OSU fan for you Ohio friends, however we thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment of game we went to last fall.) :)

On any given day he would rather be playing golf, playing baseball, watching golf or watching baseball. Every shirt with exception to one is blue or red in his closest....and "the one" was a gift, a pink gift that is. We even have a bonus room above the garage that is referred to as the IU room because it is painted crimson and cream, has every piece of IU memorabilia you can image and can play the IU fight song when the door is opened. And did I mention we are Colts season ticket holders?

I guess what I am tring to say is that Adam is all boy through and through. Much to our surprise when God gave a a girl as our first born. In fact when Emma was born and the doctor said it's a girl, my world literally stopped for a minute and I thought, "no it's not, I'm sure it's a boy, check again." I simply could not see my husband with a daughter and knew we were suppose to have a boy. But God knew different, aye?! (...and wrapped around his finger she was, within minutes.)

So now we have another girl?!?! Can Adam really handle this? What was God thinking? Did He forget who Adam Phipps is? I will never forget Adam's expression when we found out it was a girl. Well, I guess you could say it was no expression, followed by, "Fine. I just work for the department of revenue in this family." Deep down I knew though...I knew he would be OK. More than OK. Right? Right.

And then on July 22nd I knew exactly how "OK" it was. Just check this picture below of Emma and Hope asleep on their daddy within an hour of Hope's birth. Who could ever think a boy would have fit in better? Not me. Not now. He has his girls, and it is perfect.

Then just when you think he has his fill of girls, I look and find this....

...just another one of his "girls"...our niece, Amaya.

Yep, pretty sure Adam Phipps has a crazy big heart for his girls...not a scoreboard or homerun in the world that could top it. Funny how God knows best, isn't it?

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