Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Little Sister.

It's a rough life, but someones gotta do it.
And I think she does a pretty good job at it...pretty darn cute job, that is.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Emma's sunflowers

There is something magical about taking a small seed and turning it into something beautiful. And even more magical when you are four...or 32 watching a 4 year old.


How exciting, my first day out since Hope has been born...without kids. That's right, no kids and lots of freedom. So off to the town of Rossville I went.
Rossville is the small, country town that my sister-in-law, Jen lives next to. This weekend is their annual small town festival which means Thursday kicked off rummage sales. And I'm not talking a house here and a house there - the WHOLE town was having them! I have never seen so many sales in my life! And for anyone that knows Jen and I, we love to hang out together, shop together, and find bargins together!

We simply had the best time ever digging through other people things. We get such a high over a kids outfit for 50 cents! (Even more, a pair of green pants for Bryant, my nephew who is obsessed with the color green.) By mid afternoon, we had no concept of how much we really bought...the back seat of the car was stuffed with bags up to the back window. And not just all kids clothes, I am super pumped over my new chalkboard for the kitchen, a swing for Hope, some books, and a brand new board game for Emma.

Not sure which was most enjoyable...the deals, the great weather, a day out with no kids, or just the company of a great sister-in-law...on her birthday.

Happy birthday Jen...you really know how to throw a party, I had a blast. Can't wait till next year! :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today's confession: I AM actually related to these people.

In my defense, three of the five come from the in-laws!!!
I just love family...weird, or not. :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Girls must be born with shoe shopping in their blood.

If you haven't heard, Emma does not own a single pair of plain white socks or a "normal" pair of tennis shoes (aka, something not with polka dots or sparkles on them.) When heading to the driving range with her dad wearing blue Cinderella socks with her brown and pink tennis, I got the look from Adam saying "get the girl something normal." And in a congenial move for Emma's preschool teacher the flip-flops were going to have to go before school starts. So with all that, normal shoe shopping we went last Saturday.

A local store in our town was having the blowout sale and as everyone knows how fast kids feet grow, sale prices are a must! There were Nike, New Balance, Sketchers, Adidas and so on...you know normal tennis shoes. You would have thought Emma just saw Santa. She loves shopping but even more she loves loves loves the fact that she is going to school and growing up. So this was definitely a big deal for her...the first pair of school shoes.

She looked them all over as Adam laid four choices down for her to pick from. Oh to see her face and hear her.... "I just can't decide, they are all so pretty!" We heard that about fifty times and finally Adam told her to pick two. So a pair of Nike's with a hot pink strip and a pair of New Balance with light pink stripes it was. Now to get measured.....

When I get shoes for Emma, it usually consist of standing on the mat at Target or Kohl's that has the feet silhouettes on them. But not at this store. This was the real deal. And of course, would we have anything other than the real deal for our Emma?! So the kind lady pulls out the silver and black metal measuring guide. Emma stood up so straight I think she looked two inches taller. Size 12. -gulp- 12??? When did she grow so fast?

So out from the back comes the two boxes and of course Emma was treated like a queen as the saleslady fitted them on her. First the Nike's. Emma stood up and took two steps before announcing, "Ohhhhh these are so soft. So comfortable. I love them." And for those of you who know my daughter, nothing - absolutely nothing, is said without very dramatic eyes and voice tone. Next to try on was the NB pair. Exact same reaction. In fact now she is not just walking around the store, but jumping too...because you know, new school shoes make you jump higher.

She couldn't decide. Nike or NB. She just loved both so much. So in efforts to speed the trip along Adam put one of each shoe on her. Now she is standing in front of the mirror, looking back and forth at each shoe, "I just can't decide, I love them both, they are so comfy."
The Nike shoes had laces and the NB were Velcro. She really wanted the Nike's but was worried about not knowing how to tie yet. So after much deliberation, she proudly says, "How about we get the Velcro shoes and I can wear them until I learn to tie laces. Then we can bring these back and return them and then get the tie up ones." Oh Emma, love your thinking.

After a 20 minute shoe fashion shoe, Emma finally decides on the NB pair. She proceeded to inform us that she was growing up even more because now she has her hair cut, is taller, going to school, and now has a pair of real tennis shoes. Thanks for reminding me Emma. Thanks. ;)

Of course she wanted to wear them out of the store for the coolest trip home she has ever had. And of course her Dad (and Mom) let her. Keep in mind we didn't purchase any plain white socks at this stop. So in her shorts on this hot summer day, walks out of the store our daughter....our daughter with her new school shoes and blue Colts socks on!

What a fun day. Colts socks and all, she's my diva. All the way to the car she was flipping her hair, proud as could be as if she had diamonds on the soles of her shoes.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

One month old.

Hope is one month old today. Wow. Has a month really passed? Amazing. I'm excited just as any mom is with each milestone, yet sad how quickly the "newborn" stage is over and she is now a growing baby. Bittersweet.
Miss Hope has graduated to her crib. It began with just an afternoon nap, but has turned into her permanent nighttime slumber spot. Two nights in a row of a five hour stretch. What a beauty, that girl.
Once again, I can not thank God enough for His perfect plan for our family and every second of life we have.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Playing at Grandma's

Why is the grass is always greener at Grandma's house? Who knows...
But doesn't looking at these cousins just make you want to be a kid again?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


10:00 pm last night and Hope had her full tummy and was peacefully asleep in the bassinet beside our bed. All lights out, Emma in bed, no TVs or radios on....just pure silence. Well, almost.

As I climbed into bed, I laid there and felt so relaxed "listening" to the silence. But there was the softest and most gentle noise coming from the bassinet. That sweet inhale and exhale of a baby. How could I not lay there and feel as if the world was on pause and the only thing existing at that moment was me and my baby. What a beautiful noise. Beautiful. Her breaths made me think of the noise of Emma's prayers for her, the noise of my running shoes, the noise of our time at Vista, the noise of the first time we heard the heartbeat at the doctor office...the noise of hope. Amazing. So peaceful and heavenly those tiny breaths...so soft and quiet, yet so powerful and full of life.

And just when it couldn't get sweeter, a little "squeak" comes. Couldn't help but have the biggest smile on my face. Love you Hope Kaylynn. xo.
Thanks to our Creator for the miracles He gives us.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

And who said he couldn't handle another girl...

If anyone knows my husband, they will tell you he is an avid sports nut having played, coached and lived sports. He is a die hard IU fan (which means a die hard non-OSU fan for you Ohio friends, however we thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment of game we went to last fall.) :)

On any given day he would rather be playing golf, playing baseball, watching golf or watching baseball. Every shirt with exception to one is blue or red in his closest....and "the one" was a gift, a pink gift that is. We even have a bonus room above the garage that is referred to as the IU room because it is painted crimson and cream, has every piece of IU memorabilia you can image and can play the IU fight song when the door is opened. And did I mention we are Colts season ticket holders?

I guess what I am tring to say is that Adam is all boy through and through. Much to our surprise when God gave a a girl as our first born. In fact when Emma was born and the doctor said it's a girl, my world literally stopped for a minute and I thought, "no it's not, I'm sure it's a boy, check again." I simply could not see my husband with a daughter and knew we were suppose to have a boy. But God knew different, aye?! (...and wrapped around his finger she was, within minutes.)

So now we have another girl?!?! Can Adam really handle this? What was God thinking? Did He forget who Adam Phipps is? I will never forget Adam's expression when we found out it was a girl. Well, I guess you could say it was no expression, followed by, "Fine. I just work for the department of revenue in this family." Deep down I knew though...I knew he would be OK. More than OK. Right? Right.

And then on July 22nd I knew exactly how "OK" it was. Just check this picture below of Emma and Hope asleep on their daddy within an hour of Hope's birth. Who could ever think a boy would have fit in better? Not me. Not now. He has his girls, and it is perfect.

Then just when you think he has his fill of girls, I look and find this....

...just another one of his "girls"...our niece, Amaya.

Yep, pretty sure Adam Phipps has a crazy big heart for his girls...not a scoreboard or homerun in the world that could top it. Funny how God knows best, isn't it?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First dress.

How come as women get older, wearing dresses just aren't this comfortable anymore? :)
She's pretty darn cute though, isn't she? XO

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Greats are exactly that...great.

Every wonder why we call great grandparents and great aunts or uncles "great"?
Well, simply stated....because they are. (And if you are Aunt Vicky, you are just so stinkin' doubly great!)

Great Ma and Pa

Great Mamaw

Great Aunt Lisa

Great GREAT Aunt Vicky

Great AMA (Aunt Mary Alice)

Emma and Hope are so lucky to have such great people surrounding them. (And these are just a few, we have yet to get pictures of all the greats!) Adam and I feel so blessed that our girls have the privilege of knowing these special family members. I am convinced one can not have too many greats in their life.
On a side note....in the last picture with Great AMA, Emma is wearing a dress that my grandma made for me when I was a flower girl in my cousin's wedding. The wedding was in 1984! My mom found the dress buried safely in a cedar chest...it is now the newest addition to the princess collection in Emma's closet. :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh no she didn't...

...oh yes, she did. NINE INCHES, plus a curl.


...during.... (don't cry mommy)


Proud as could be!
It was 2 against 1 and Mom was out voted last night! Emma has been dying to get her hair cut like Grayson's (Emma's best friend from Powell, OH). So last night was her special night. She was so giddy! Afterwards we took her out to eat and she could not walk without flinging her head back and forth, and flipping her hair over her shoulders with her hands. What a diva. You would have thought we were walking next to Miss America. ....and in my book...we were.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Best Friends

On the way to taking Emma to Sunday School this morning she asked where Hope was. I informed her that Dad was parking the car and would bring her in separate from us. I also explained to Emma that Hope wasn't old enough to go to Sunday School like she was.

Emma's reply, "But I really wish she was older like me. I wish she was older right now, like today, so we could be best friends and play."

Don't worry Emma, one day soon enough she will be stealing your Barbies and the next minute your BFF. She's gonna love her big sis, I just know it.