Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Artist....Tattoo Artist that is...

So when your four year old comes up to you and says, "Mom, look at my new tattoo!" Should I:
A) Be thankful she can't drive, so I know it's not real...yet.
B) Be a little concerned that she can't drive so I know whatever she has done she did here at home by herself.
C) Be honored she thinks like her Daddy and saved money by creating this herself instead of paying a stranger big bucks.
D) Be thinking, "will it come off?!"

She further explained to me it was of a football. And yes, it was....a rather large football.

The star parents we are, we first laughed, then took pictures, THEN disciplined her letting her know to not use markers on her skin. Apparently that wasn't the best order, because the next day there were more tattoos all up and down her legs. No laughing or pictures this time...just a good hard scrub down with a few choice words. (The laughing came later after she went to bed!)

Someone remind me of this story when she comes home from the first semester of college with a real tattoo. Parenting - love it.

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  1. I was reading your post about teachers, and your follow up post about being humbled by the many teachers who thanked you. FIRST, I want to thank you myself, as I am a second-career teacher who went back at the age of 40-something to finish my music education degree. I am in my 7th year teaching middle school band and music, and while I love my job, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to do it, what with all the threats to remove funding for music in the schools. I am so appreciative of parents who pat teachers on the back, and "emotionally and virtually bring us coffee" to help us through our days. WE appreciate YOU who are active in your childrens' educations, smile and wince at our stories, and really take the time to understand what education in Indiana is all about. So kudos to YOU!

    Second, that pic of your daughter gave me one heck of a giggle. My suggestion to your multiple choice is ALL OF THE ABOVE!! LOL! Nah, she'll grow out of it, and when/if she does get a tattoo, you'll not know about it for years. Probably not, anyhow. I encouraged my kids to imagine what the tattoo would look like when they are in their 70's. Neither of them has a tattoo, yet, and they are 26 and 23. It could happen any day, but for now, they are "ink free." Not that tats are bad things, but at least they are thinking about their careers first, worrying about ink later. ;-)

    Thank you for your blog. You nailed it. Both of them.