Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to my #1.

Grover Lee Said turns 9 years old today! He was, and still is, my very first nephew. Adam and I had only been married three weeks when we heard all the way from N. C., Grover (named after his great grandfather) had arrived. Grover has a special place in my heart as my #1....nephew that is.
Thank you Grover for making me an Aunt!!! I can't believe you are nine today!

Grover holding Emma for the first time.

This picture makes me laugh. When we moved from Liberty to Bloomington, Grover and his Dad came to help load up the U-Haul. Grover, keeping himself busy in basement, had ask me for some tape. Moments later, he was proud to show us his "trap bathroom".

Two peas in a pod. Emma absolutely holds the highest rankings for her older cousin!

Kayaking solo on the Wildcat River...when did he grow up?


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