Thursday, December 30, 2010


When I was younger I thought nothing would beat the year I got the "Barbie Topical Pool and Patio Set".....boy, was I sure wrong.

Five days, eight plus hours in the car, 198 pictures, and several cookies later...still smilin'.
Hands down, the absolute best birthday celebration that Jesus has ever thrown.
So grateful. So grateful.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve blessings, just one after another...

Sometimes I don't know what to say, but in the end, it all turns out OK.

Christmas Eve and nothing says it better than a candlelight service. Hope sitting on her daddy's lap and Emma sitting on mine. As everyone held their candles, one by one each person lit the person's next to them. Beautiful. Hundreds of single candlelight's glowing. Emma watches hers carefully and the congregation begins to sing Silent Night.

Emma leans her head back and whispers to me, "Mom, why are we lighting all these candles?"

Sometimes as a parent there are moments that seem like you have to think quicker than a whip, and of course have all the answers. Well, that is not me...especially when the words of Silent Night hit my heart so strongly I am trying to not let my few tears snuff out my candle! So in that split second all I could think of was;
"Remember how we put candles on your cake at your birthday, well these are just in celebration of Jesus's birthday."

Of course I couldn't have answered with something along the lines of Jesus being our light! No worries though, just as I finished answering Emma's question the song ended and we were asked to blow out the candles. Perfect. Just like a birthday cake.

However, still thinking to myself what a silly answer I gave Emma and all of the better options I could have said, she suddenly boast, " Mom, that is a lot of candles, it would take a HUGE cake to hold them all...Jesus must be REALLY important!"

You are exactly right my sweet Emma.
My silly answer turned out OK after all. :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's all so exciting!!!

Nothing like having a five year old this time of year. When questioning her Grandma about Santa and how he sees all the kids all the time, Emma soon replies, "Oh, so Santa is kinda like God."

And then tonight we travel to see one of Indy's finest homes decked out in millions of lights all set to music. The line of traffic was moving slowly, but of course once we got to the front of the house we knew why...Santa and Rudolf were dancing in the driveway! What a sight. Of course we roll down the window so Emma can wave. As we pull away Emma says, "What is Santa doing there, he has got too much work he should be doing right now." A few minutes later, "Mom, do think that was just someone dressed up like Santa? Because you know the real Santa has got to be busy and has no time for that."

She is dancing to every Christmas song, singing most of them, and running around here with a twinkle in her eye. So who is having more fun, Emma, or those watching and listening?

Then tonight's bedtime prayer went just like this;
"Dear Jesus, thank you for today and please help Santa and the reindeer's get lots of energy so they can do a lot of flyin' tomorrow night to get all the toys to all the kids. God is good, all the time, in Jesus name, Amen."

With all the magic and talk of Santa, it is even more heartwarming to walk in the room and see the same five year so in awe and in complete love with the Nativity that sits in the middle of our home...

Loving every second of the season. Counting each blessing. Ready or not, here we come Christmas eve. I'm too excited to sleep. ;)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Present.

Jonetta, one of Adam's cousins, has requested from each family something to put in a time capsule that she is creating for the Faris side of the family. It was to represent the present and what life is in the moment for each family. Here is "our present".
This is a wall hanging representing our family tree. The leaves are made up of quilted outlines of Emma and Hope's darling little hands. The bark of the tree is the Bible verse that has molded 2010 for this household, and the roots of the tree is where you can find it in the Bible. I love this tree. I love the little hands and little fingers. I love that in 10 or 20 years we will see again and be able to lay the girl's hands on it and see how they have grown.

And yes, it did dawn on me that someday Emma will be 17 and Hope will be 12. At any giving moment during that time, I can imagine both girls rolling their eyes at me and slamming their bedrooms doors in utter disgust of some "stupid rule" that their mean 'ol mom has made. And for that day, I have designed this wall hanging to be turned over and we can enjoy the lovely quilted back as a center piece on our table and not have to look at those sweet little hands that just yelled at me with adolescent rage! :)
Rolled up, and off in the time capsule you go.
See you later 2010. See you later little hands.
Thanks Jonetta. Thank you so much for making me stop in life's busy rollercoaster and make this. I absolutely can not wait to see it again.

Monday, December 20, 2010

just a rollin' rollin' rollin'

So we have this Baby Einstein jungle gym play mat (we refer to it as the Einstien Matt) for Hope to lay on. It is our "dog hair free area". She loves laying there, watching the lights and pulling on the toys. This morning I did my usual...lay her on her back head near the top. I then went to the restroom, just to come out and find her doing this...

Amused, I grab the camera and start snapping. That little turkey had scooted herself to the bottom and was trying to climb the corner post like a monkey. Then when I saw her do this....
...I thought...I better go get the video camera! So off I went to find the video camera. Can't find it anywhere...still looking...still looking...still looking...
TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT ME MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guess I can forget the "dog hair free zone" now. It's time to start laying down the quilt! But I have a feeling that is not going to contain this one like it did my first! :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kid's these days....

...texting all ready.
PS...yes, those are our lovely painted counter-tops. Yak. Apparently the previous owner thought "rag painting" was a cool idea. And confirmed, a crock pot will melt the paint off. remodel someday..... but keep the cute kid and her phone.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

School is cool.

It was a birthday party for Jesus today at Emma P.'s school. (Emma P. is her official school name since there is also Emma L. and Emma H. in her class!) ...and what a party it was!!! They had stories, party hats, carolers and then went caroling, presents, crafts, made magic reindeer food and of course had birthday cake!!!
Here is Emma with all her goodies... Gotta love the reindeer made from feet and will be looked at every year!
And my absolute favorite..."the yellow zone ornament 2010".
Wow, what a beautiful addition to our tree and a fun keepsake of Emma's first year at school.

Kudos goes to Mrs. Benidict and her staff. She does an absolute amazing job with each individual child. I am so "worry-free" with Emma being under her care and so thankful for all her hard (and creative) work!
Great job, Yellow Zone! And as for you, Jesus...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two Peas in a Pod

Five years ago, Emma made this sign (yes that is Emma, not Hope!). She made it and took this picture on December 6th, 2005 when she heard the news she had a new cousin, Micah.
Born just 11 weeks apart from each other, they have become bestest of buddies. More than just cousins, these kiddos have been, and always will be, two peas in a pod!

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY, MICAH! We love you!!
(I can't imagine what these pictured will look like in 5 more years!)

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Invitation.

There is a community of very wonderful people in Dublin Ohio. They are the most God-loving people and people-loving people I have ever meet. They are real. Their souls are unselfish. They are Vista Community Church.

Adam, Emma, and I were blessed to have found these wonderful people last year when we lived in Ohio. Immediately they took us in and graciously made us feel like family.

Last year, Vista Church had an outstanding Christmas program - "Hope the Invitation".

It reached many with songs, skits, and heartfelt testimonies. One testimony, in particular, rang home with Adam and I as we listened after just finding out we were six weeks pregnant. - (Scroll down, under the category Christmas and view "The Story of Hope")

It is a story of a beautiful baby named Abigail and her parents. A story like no other. Amazing people with an amazing God. Our God. If you watch the link above and hear their story you will soon begin to realize the impact it made on us. It made me feel like a wimp. How could I have ever been so blinded with all the sadness and hurt I had just had in the months prior to then. Abigail's parents made me realize, that like them, Adam and I had been on a journey all along. A journey that God was in complete loving control over...and we were not in control of any of it.

After the service, on one of December's coldest days, we got home and tucked Emma in bed. Exhausted, I lay beside Adam unable to sleep. For some reason I could not stop thinking about the baby we were about to have that so many Doctors said was impossible. Knowing we had a boy's name already picked out, I lay there wondering, "what if it is a girl?"

Thinking back about the soul moving Christmas program we just witnessed, I knew without a doubt the perfect name for a baby girl.

"Adam, I have a girl's name," said to my half asleep husband.
It was perfect.

It was ALL perfect. Thank you God. Thank you so much for our journey. Thank you so much for our Invitation of Hope. I too would not change one thing about it...not one thing.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Card Photo Time!


(That's one heck of a zoom from my camera as I stand inside our house with the backdoor open taking these!) She had the time of her life outside...I had the time of mine inside! ;)