Monday, February 29, 2016

Who knew.

We have a neighbor that has two kiddos under two.  They love Elmo.
We have two Elmo DVDs that are growing dust.  We sent the DVDs down to their place this weekend.

I just got a message from our neighbor reading, "Thank you so much for the Sesame Street DVDs!!! We are watching the potty one right now! Fingers crossed it helps!!!"

I wasn't in anyway torn to pass down these DVDs.  However when I read her message, the Let's Take a Trip to the Factory (t-pee paper song) started playing in my head.  And then the visuals came racing through my head.  Then a lump fell in my throat.  And now there is a bit of water pooling in my eyes.

Why did those songs drive me so nuts just a mere 8 or 3 years ago...but now..NOW...I just want to play them one.more.time.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Be still my heart.

Parent Observation Night at Emma's dance class.  With Adam on travel, little sister was forced to tag along with me.  She wasn't a happy camper...sitting still through 45 minutes (I spared her of the prior class) is very hard for this busy-body.  But she did.  And I observed dancing.

Let's face it, when this moment came up, I couldn't pull my phone out quick enough and get that fast snap.  -I skipped a breath-
Got it.
This was the best observation I saw all night.

Dear Emma Lillie and Hope Kaylynn, 
May you never take each other for granted.  To have a sister is to have a best friend for life.  You share many things that no other girl on this earth can share with you.  
Emma, your little sister adores you.  She looks up to you with the biggest of hearts.  She wants to do everything you do...and if she does, this world will be a better place than it already is with just having you in it.
Hope, your big sister is so proud of you.  She will protect you, she will have your back.  She loves the way you look at her.  You have made her world complete just by smiling at her.
Always be sisters best friends...I know you will. 
xoxox, Mommy

Be still my heart. 

She's just Hope.

 Whether it's in her sparkly shoes, or sitting on the counter...this girl is cut from a different mold.

And I wouldn't have it any other way. xoxoxo


Monday, February 15, 2016

Quotes by Hope.

"Mom, dis is weiwrd.  When I am not at home and at udder places, my poop doesn't feel good.  But when I am home, my poop does feel good."

The year we got Daddy-o women's pajamas.

It's true, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...and only women's pajamas were found in this house.  Sometimes flannel pants can be a bit tricky.  Even thought blue and plaid, the silk white bow at the waist should be an indicator just exactly what gender they should worn by.  BUT, when this momma and her two girls are shopping, such things can be easily overlooked.  It was the thought that counted, right?  ummmm, and an exchange after Christmas that counted more.

Here's to Christmas 2015....

Nothing says Valentine's Day like Cookies

However for this post, it's Christmas cookies!  As always, I'm behind on posting pictures...but let's face it, 'tis the season - of life.

December, in all it's business of  holiday activities, it is never too busy to take time and make cookies memories.   Even Hank joined in this family fun.  ....well, from the floor at least.  

 Lots of dough, lots of flour.  Lots of icing, lots of sprinkles.  Lots of mess, lots of moments.

Friday, January 29, 2016

All day long.

I could stare at this beautiful girl all. day. long.


Sometimes you just sit and hug her while she crys.

Sometimes you just want to cry for her, but you can't because you the one telling her it will all work out.

Sometimes after you tuck her in and she falls asleep, you go back in and give her one last kiss on the forehead.

...and then go have a little cry for yourself.

Tonight was one of those nights.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Be still.

It was one of those mornings that had a few stumbles in it. A few firm words from mom. A few eye rolls from the 10 year old going on 16. We come to a truce and off to school she goes. Entering back in the house, I go over her self centered attitude that came to surface earlier. I carry a load of laundry into her room and on the way out, right by her door, is this.....
...and just like that, all was erased.  My morning, her morning, was perfect.

Dear Emma, 
You got it girl.  Hold onto it, never let it go.  You make a momma proud.

That the green dress.

In the middle of dinner, she lifts her knee just above the horizon of the table top.  She tells the rest of the family, "say Hi to my knee."  No one says anything.  She repeats herself.  I give her the look.  She says, "Hi Knee!"...hi knee...hinny.  And giggles.

Driving down the road and in the back seat are two girls bundled up in their winter coats.  They are getting a little toasty, so I appease them and roll their windows down a bit for a cool breeze.  It's winter, so it was a quick little refresher.  I push the button and the windows go up.  SCREAM.  I turn and look over my should to see her hand hanging from the top of the window.  Fingers on the other side.  Of course, I immediately put the window back down, pull over and take care of the frightened, crocodile tear flowing, red fingered girl.  All the while saying "this is why mommy and daddy say never to put your fingers or hands out the window.  Through a snotty nose, still crying face, she says, "well I didn't know you were putting it up."  Um, duh.  That's why you obey our rules!

Ooooohhhhhh that girl.  Humor plus curiosity.  It's going to be ride with this gal.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

No. No no no no no. No.

I knew the day would come.  Today was the day.  It wasn't suppose to happen this soon.

Four inches of snow on an icy driveway that slopes steeply down towards the road, makes for a nervous momma when the bus is pulling up.  So on these days, I walk Emma down the drive.  Usually giggling (which for the record does not help in the prevention of losing your balance).  Usually shuffling our feet.  Usually, always always arm in arm holding onto one another.

Until today.
No, this can not be.

We could see the bus round the corner and barrel down our road.  Emma asked "will you walk with me?"  Absolutely.  We started off and all was good.  Holding hands.
Then...then, something horrible happened.
Her hand began to fidget.  Was she falling?  I grasped it tighter.  Bigger fidgets.  I still try to grab her hand.  The bus is nearing.  And her hand does the unthinkable, it gave mine "the shake."

Then...then, in that moment, I realized she didn't want to hold my hand.

-time. stood. still.-

Wait.  What?!  This has never happened before.  Stop it.  Just stop it!  This is my baby.  Our hands belong together.  Forever. and. EVER.

In the millisecond it all went down, I wasn't sure if it really happened.  So without thinking, I did what my instincts pushed me to do.
As the door opened on #99, and Mr. Jim gave his morning wave, I wrapped my arms tightly around the little girl growing young girl beside me and planted a kiss on the top of her head as I told her I loved her.

Yep.  I did.

She is tall.  The top of her head comes near to my shoulder.  So it was a small, nonchalant move to give her that kiss on her head.  Maybe her friends didn't see it.  Maybe they did.

She boarded the bus.  I watched the backside of her fashion-foward puffy coat and trendy boots disappear out of site.  The bus rolled away.  And I think a part of my heart rolled away with it.

Why?  Why now?  What was it?  Was it the pajama pants tucked inside my tall brown boots?  Was it the bed-head hair I had going on?  Maybe there was something "poky" on my gloves and it was sticking her.  Ya, right.
I think it was...because she's growing up.

No.  This day was not suppose to happen.  But it did.  Not an easy moment.  But it is a moment of a beautiful daughter who didn't move away too quickly and let that kiss land on her beautiful head.

Thank you Emma.  Thank you for all the hand holding moments we have had.  I have loved every single one of them.  I know you are growing up.  Life is presenting things that are taking on a more important role.  But never doubt for a second, my hand will always be there ready to hold when you need it.
Love the moon and back and back again, 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

10 and 5

 The decade gal and half-decade gal.  The apple of my eye, they are.