Sunday, August 30, 2015

This girl.

Normal day of running errands.  She had on her Hello Kitty shit, that was long enough to barely cover half her hinny.  A nice ruffle at the bottom to frame.  I made her wear shorts of course to keep it modest.  Ok throw modesty out the window....she just needed shorts on to cover the Disney Princess panties!

So we ran our errands.  Got home and waited for Emma to get off the bus.  Once Emma got home we had Village Dance Studio on the agenda for the evening.  It was sign up night.  This year we weren't just signing up one girl, but two girls.  And the youngest (pictured above) was 100% on cloud nine she was getting signed up for a dance class this year!

As I finish up pre-supper plans, I holler at the kids to "go ahead and get buckled in the car!"  They listened and did.  We go to the dance studio.

We walk in the dance studio.

We wait in line at the dance studio that is full of eager dancers and parents.

As my turn is up, I sit down and begin the sign up process.  I tell the girls to go ahead and make their way to the "shoe station" as they will need to get in line to be measured for new dance shoes.
They listened and did.

Then as I am finishing up and signing the last piece of paper work, I glance up at the mirror that stretches all down the studio wall.  There I see it.  Disney Princess panties.  They were on a girl that was twirling and leaping, to her own beat, in front of the mirror.  They were on a girl that was wearing a Hello Kitty shirt with ruffle on the bottom.  They were on a girl that didn't have shorts on.

Yep.  That girl, was this girl.  My girl.  My girl that as I jumped up and had her sit down while I asked where her shorts were, replied with "I don't know, I guess I forgot them."

Forgot.  Yes. Yes, she did.
Hello Village Dance Studio.  Meet Hope.  Hope is the girl that would live life with no pants on.  Good luck.

Summer 2015....

So it's been a bit since my last post entry.  Summer happened.  And it happened strong!  It is amazing to look over the pictures and see all the family members and friends that we were able to be with.  I can't image a summer without them.  xoxo
 There was a birthday party, happy 6-0 Grandma!

These people.  These people right here....are WEIRD.  .....and I love 'em.

Someone hold me....seeing sisters having a sleepover in a homemade tent turns my heart to mush.  A big big pile of mush.

Teen Beach Movie 2 night with the little.  Her decorations rock my world.

A day at Kings Island.  Petting zoo, log rides, little roller coasters, and big roller coasters.  And yes, the big roller coasters turned my stomach in mush....along with my spine.  Shew, I am not 18 anymore!

A day at the Children's Museum with cousins and Grandpa.  Always an exciting day with this crew!

Did I say summer happened?  ohhhhhhhh, wait.....this was just two weeks.  Stay tuned for the rest of Summer 2015!

Friday, July 10, 2015

From the trails of daddy/daughter bike rides...

Hope: Knock knock
Me: Who's there?
Hope: Joey the Cow
Me: Joey the Cow who?
Hope: Phipps

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Smarty Pants

Hope, trying to con her way into an early dessert, gets told she must eat two more bites of vegetables.  She picks up a slice of red pepper and starts to put it in her mouth.  She quickly pulls it out and says wait a minute.  Breaks the slice in half.
"Now I have two bites."

What's up with the little people?

As Hope was glued to the I-Pad, I sternly asked her to get her shoes on as we were ready to leave.  Without taking her eyes of the screen she says, "my ears are closed."

What?  Did she seriously just say that?  I give her the disgusted mom look.  You know.

She says, "whhhhhhaaaaaat???  The little people in my ears closed the garage door, I can't help it."

Creative and cute.  I'm in trouble.

Not done with May yet!

Guitar Recital!  That's right, one more performance crammed into the week we refer to as "Emma-lapouza."  As always, this guitarist showed her grace and talent with the perfect duet with teacher Jake.  (aka, Jake from State Farm if you ask Hope)
And speaking of Hope....what happens to a four year old that is one her last leg of supporting big sister do....
Missed the performance.  But who's complaining, this was the quietest she was in all the shows.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Drama dress rehearsal, recital dress rehearsal, three drama shows, two dance recitals, one specialty animal fair, and a 70th birthday party (yet to be documented) all in 5 days.  But still had to take a pause to give this ol' fellow some lovin's.  

Specialty Animal Parade

Dance Recital and drama show not enough for ya? Lets throw in another end of the year event on the same day!  It was a year in the works for the 3rd graders.  Emma's animal was the jaguar.  What started out as a tough start, ended up being one extraordinary project.  So proud of our animal specialist.

Adam and I spent a lot of hours this school year teaching Emma about the fairness of life and how to deal with it. Happy to know some of it sunk in. After all, in the end, a jaguar eats all the other animals...

Alice @ Wonderland

What should every 3rd grader do during the same time as a dance recital? in the school play, of course!  Miss Emma was a tree featured in the cat scene and a part of the singing ensemble group.  Polka dots on face and all, we made it to three performances (well, 2 and 1/2, but who's counting).

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Behind the stage...

Dance recital year is nothing short of a big deal. A way way way big deal. It only happens every other year, so two years in the making leaves for a lot of excitement!

Love the friends in these pictures.  They don't go to the same school (yet), but are buddies on every Wednesday evening in the studio.  They cheer for each other, encourage each other, and definitely laugh with each other!

While some mom's volunteer to do makeup, this mom volunteered to chaperon the class before recital and during recital.  Thirty minutes before recital...seemed like 30 hours.  Needed entertainment, so what else, but my camera.  I have about 200 of these kind of pictures.

Our Flapping through the Boroughs tapper with her Daddy.  Congratulatory flowers of course!

I love that good friends like Lauren found Emma afterwards to tell her good job.  These group of girls are so kind to one another and thoughtful.  Love them all.
"Mom when I get older I want to be just like Kimberly.  She is such a good dancer and takes lots of classes.  And I want to be like Kendall too.  She is so nice and always talks to the younger girls.  I really want to be like both of them." 
If Emma grows up to half the young lady that these two girls are, she will be one awesome gal.  The world is a better place because of Kimberly and Kendall and I am forever grateful they are my daughter's role models!
Second day, second performance...more family!

He grew up on a ball field.  Now he carries his daughter's dance bag and my purse.  I think he has found his true calling.

Couldn't resist this picture of two little cuties walking out of the recital.  Each has a hand on "Bow," he's one lucky dog.