Wednesday, May 18, 2016

In a bLiNk!

Fourth grade is nearing an end and this will close the final chapter on Elementary school for my sweet Emma. Oh Emma, where did the time go? We were asked to generate a few photos for a 4th grade slide show. These are just a few of memory lane for Emma and her awesome friends. Such a joy to see them grow and learn. Hats off to Union Elementary....just next time, warn me not to blink. xoxo

1st grade
2nd grade
3rd grade
4th grade

Those frozen moments in time.

She's started Pre-K this year.  And they taught her how to read. 
I'm so very proud of her.   I love catching her loving this new skill.
But kinda mad at the teachers.  I don't like that they taught her how to do grown-up read. 


Can he dance with two?

Every other year, Village Dance host the "Cinderella Ball."  A night where Dad gets to take his girls on a date.  Emma has always made this event her night (reminisce here and here) and rightfully so since she was the only dancer we had at Village.  But this year, we have another little dancer...and she was more excited than there are waves in the ocean.  And speaking of waves, there were a few created when big sister found out this night is now a night of sharing Dad.

Most of those not-so-thrilled-feelings began to disappear quickly after a trip to the consignment store where not only one pink dress was found, but TWO pink dresses!  Nothing makes big sister happier than color coordinating.  And it didn't stop with the dresses.  If you notice, Dad has a nice pink tie on to compliment his darlings.  He's a good sport.  Wait a minute, are you kidding me...he'd wear that pink tie every day of his life if those two girls just asked him to.

Pink dresses, sparkly shoes for one, first wedge shoes for the other, fancy hair dos (styles chosen by each) and perfect necklaces given to each princess from their prince.
On to the ball they shall go...I hope the make it home before midnight - will all their shoes.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

For the record...

Let's just get one thing clear. Out of the "top ten things you like the most in life," these could very well just be three of them.

1.  Building puzzles on the floor with a dog.
2.  Spending a morning in my daughter's room with a dog.
3.  Hope with a dog.
Not too many mornings could get any sweeter than this silliness. xoxo

May on the back porch.

 May has brought a lot of rain this year making sunshine a rare commodity.  However, when it does dry out for a day or two, we take full advantage of it!  What a great day to open up the sandbox....
 ...unless you are a pony.  A tiny tiny pony.  #sorrynotsorry

Villager #3

She's a lot of things...but the weekend of April 30, she was in fact Villager #3.  Just to be clear...I've never seen a more beautiful Villager #3.  Break a leg kiddo..."figuratively speaking, of course."

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Best Pre-K ever.

Cheerios, pipe cleaner and googly eyes.  This right here folks, is my absolute favorite thing ever.  If this is all she ever made in her Pre-K class, I would consider it successful.  Seriously, "W" week was so cool.  Love this little worm.  ....and the Cheerio one, too.

 Ok, so "E" week was pretty awesome for Hope.  She couldn't wait till show-'n-tell day when she could take in her E item.  Yep, Emma is now a super-star among the 5 year olds. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016


It's Mother's day.  Well, I take that back....17 minutes ago ended Mother's day.  But who's counting.  Clearly not me.  Because if I was counting, I would see the many days that have passed since my last post.  It's a pretty big number.  This blogging thing was my way to scrapbook and journal about my blessed life...which being a mom has to do with a large percentage of my days.  (again, who's counting?) 
I need to get back at this.  Too many moments are passing by and my mind can't file them all away in it's memory chamber.  And I sure don't want to forget the morning Hope asked "why is there cream coming out of my donuts butt?"

Here's to getting back at it.  Catching up.  Grace for the momma.

Volunteering at Emma's 4th grade V-day Party.  "photo booth fun"

Monday, February 29, 2016

Who knew.

We have a neighbor that has two kiddos under two.  They love Elmo.
We have two Elmo DVDs that are growing dust.  We sent the DVDs down to their place this weekend.

I just got a message from our neighbor reading, "Thank you so much for the Sesame Street DVDs!!! We are watching the potty one right now! Fingers crossed it helps!!!"

I wasn't in anyway torn to pass down these DVDs.  However when I read her message, the Let's Take a Trip to the Factory (t-pee paper song) started playing in my head.  And then the visuals came racing through my head.  Then a lump fell in my throat.  And now there is a bit of water pooling in my eyes.

Why did those songs drive me so nuts just a mere 8 or 3 years ago...but now..NOW...I just want to play them one.more.time.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Be still my heart.

Parent Observation Night at Emma's dance class.  With Adam on travel, little sister was forced to tag along with me.  She wasn't a happy camper...sitting still through 45 minutes (I spared her of the prior class) is very hard for this busy-body.  But she did.  And I observed dancing.

Let's face it, when this moment came up, I couldn't pull my phone out quick enough and get that fast snap.  -I skipped a breath-
Got it.
This was the best observation I saw all night.

Dear Emma Lillie and Hope Kaylynn, 
May you never take each other for granted.  To have a sister is to have a best friend for life.  You share many things that no other girl on this earth can share with you.  
Emma, your little sister adores you.  She looks up to you with the biggest of hearts.  She wants to do everything you do...and if she does, this world will be a better place than it already is with just having you in it.
Hope, your big sister is so proud of you.  She will protect you, she will have your back.  She loves the way you look at her.  You have made her world complete just by smiling at her.
Always be sisters best friends...I know you will. 
xoxox, Mommy

Be still my heart. 

She's just Hope.

 Whether it's in her sparkly shoes, or sitting on the counter...this girl is cut from a different mold.

And I wouldn't have it any other way. xoxoxo